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Custom Rods Ready To Go Or Complete Bespoke

From the beginning I wanted to create a hand built custom rods with custom finish which could be bought off the shelf just like any other rods but with hand engineered parts and high end custom fittings so that you get high levels of quality every time. I also wanted a blank that would be affordable but retaining all the properties of a high end product in both looks and performance. The market is flooded with rods that rely on low spec materials and inferior build quality to meet the high demands of this growing market. Instead of following this trend I have looked at the key elements of how a custom rod should perform, the result is outstanding performing, completely bespoke and custom rods with hand built finish at a realistic price! 

Harrison Rods

We now custom build on the entire range of Harrison rod blanks including stalking rods all the way through to distance rods and everything in between. Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your requirements.


FFT1 Blank Made from Korean 40T high quality high modulus carbons combined together with a low resin process. What you get is a super slim, ultra strong blank. It has a natural carbon 1K weave which has a higher thread count making it attractive and more importantly durable, allowing the low resin formulation to perform. This type of technology provides outstanding performance and response which can be felt both in casting and when playing fish. Unlike other 1k blanks the weave goes from butt to tip.


When building a great looking custom rod I believe it’s important to have a ring that is light weight, performs well and looks great on your rod. This is why I have chosen the PacBay Minima ring! The ring is super light weighing 20 to 30% lighter than ceramic rings. Because there is no ceramic inner liner, the ring is almost unbreakable. This lighter weight guide set translates into faster rod action for greater sensitivity to vibration strikes and bite detection. This also leads to a much faster blank return rate. The larger guide I.D. also reduces friction and drag on line while casting or retrieving.



There is no doubt that the reel seat plays an important part in a rod build not just for the obvious but also for comfort, casting and creating the main look of a finished rod. The Alps reel seat provides all that you could want and more it gives stunning looks combined with torque free perfection. The reel seat is manufactured from the finest hard anodized marine grade aluminium with a tri angle profile for ergonomic comfort. There is precision alignment hoods, high efficiency Hexalok locking nuts and Trilok design which means no hood spin.


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The custom rod is finished with pre impregnated black whippings so there’s no colour fade and coloured tippings to give custom finish. A CNC engineered black anodized collars finish off the rod nicely, and Jap shrink wrap the full length of the butt section down to a flat stainless butt cap.


Custom rods are available in length and test curves: 12ft 2.5lb, 2.75lb, 3.00lb, 3.25lb, 3.50lb


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