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Torrix 10

With the popularity of 9ft and 10ft rods over the past few years, there has been a lack of higher quality blanks available at this length. Built on the legendary Harrison Torrix blank now available in 10ft at 2.75lb as a player’s rod and a 3.25lb for longer distance casting and playing larger carp. We have put together these stunning custom rods the “TORRIX 10” hand built and ready to buy off the shelf!


Prices: 2.75lb £270 - 3.25lb £275

Harrison Torrix

Torrix is one of Harrison’s flagship rod ranges built with years of experience. The Torrix is as near as you will get to the perfect all-round carp rod. Capable of casting big distance in the right hands, it remains a slim beautifully balanced fishing rod with stunning looks. A backbone of high modulus carbon and ultra light carbon scrim, finished with a mat 1k fabric on the butt section and unidirectional carbon on the tip.


When building a great looking custom rod it’s important to have a ring that is lightweight, performs well and looks great on your rod. This is why we use the PacBay Minima 4 ring! The ring is super light weighing 20 to 30% lighter than ceramic rings. Because there is no ceramic inner liner, the ring is almost unbreakable. This lighter weight guide set translates into faster rod action for greater sensitivity to and casting distance. This also leads to a much faster blank return rate. The larger guide I.D. also reduces friction and drag on line while casting or retrieving.

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Harrison Torrix 10ft 2 piece blanks available in 2.75 & 3.25lb tests
Fuji custom carbon reel seat finished with duplon and CNC machined black collars
Abbreviated handle down to a Jap shrink flared grip
Hard wearing black butt caps
Minima 4 guides
50mm butt on 3.25lb
40mm butt on 2.75lb
Kigan anti tangle 16mm tip ring
Custom blue inline graphics on topside of rod
Dot marked butt and top sections
Colour matched Union Jack flag

Ring set 2.75lb – 40 – 30 – 25 – 20 – 16 – 16mm Tip
Ring set 3.25lb – 50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 16 – 16mm Tip


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